The duration of the personal consultation is a maximum of one and a half to two hours. Given that the time scale of the consultation is limited, it is advisable to consider in advance which are the life-areas which need help!

Some help, a few tips for picking these

– health problems: (eg: allergies, phobias, existing and periodically recurring illnesses and symptoms

– self-esteem (emotional difficulties, addictions, low self-esteem, depression etc.)
– difficulties (problems occurring and regarded as most important during every day and the persons, experiences and places connected with these) ,
– relationships(permanent or long term problematic relationship with parents, siblings, partner, kid, boss or somebody else),
– business life(work, career, entrepreneurship, creativity – existing and/or recurring problems.
In the case of deeper rooted problems more than one occassions may be needed, yet at the same time, the problems of several areas may be solved during one single meeting.

It is important for everybody to understand and to acknowledge that on the physical plateau everyone is responsible for their own life! Instead of him no one else can take important steps, and cannot make decisions which affect his personal fate.


The methods employed by us may help you with:
– to reach your goals even through self-enpowerment,
– your realtionships can become more harmonious and thus develop,
– with time enable you to recognize, and dissolve your own repeated patterns,
– allow your existing blocks to dissolve,
– discover your soul mates and all those who help you throughout your “Big Journey”,
– live your life more consciously.

The positive changes in all of the above areas will have a beneficial effect on other areas of your life as well (work, abode, family, etc.)

If you feel that my lines have touched a chord, or if you think that I may be of help to you, then let’s meet within the framework of a personal consultation.


Monday to Friday between 9-17 hrs


 Tamás Szabolcsi

If we are unreachable, or do not pick up the phone, then try again!