International trends unambiguously show that besides traditional health care, the alternative health preserving techniques and complementary healing methods play an increasingly bigger role. The life-style advisor-therapist merges the knowledge and activities of academic and complementary healing methods well. They possess a high level of professional and general knowledge and have in accordance with this an adequate human and ethical behaviour, they are professionals who are trained in several natural therapy branches (movement, massage, respiratory and relaxation therapies, physiotherapy, nutrition therapy, detox therapies, complementary physiotherapy etc.)

They have phsychological, mental health and pedagogical knowledge, and during their work they can put these to use, they also have sociological knowledge regarding the connections between social relations and health care, they know the health and social care institutions, their organisations and program, they are able to coordinate their work in harmony with these institutions. They are able to

– compile a lifestyfe program tailor made for the patient based on the anamnesis and the perceived distortions,

– teach and show the client the prescribed lifestyle program’s methods, procedures

– if needed they are able to refer the client to the appropriate medical, psychological, psychoterapy natural remedy examinations and treatments

– for carrying out consultations and cooperation within the frame of a team work with the doctor, psychologist and other natural therapist,

– for the holding of lectures for children and adults about lifestyle, and health-behaviour,

– for organizing groups and controlling their activities,

– for organizing lifestyle camps and directing them,

For the Hungarian population during the past years mass of

informations of various levels have become available through mass media communications, books etc.  Thus the non-professional ideas of the population about health and illness may have changed dramatically.
In this information avalanche one must really be an expert who is able to differentiate between the pharmaceutical companies and other product manufacturers which hype their own products and which target the potential targets with their offers!  The lifestyle coach and therapist can truly give you and give you a really personally tailored help.

Medical psychology stresses that with regard to effective health protection it is essential for us to have knowledge about the beliefs of the ill (and the healthy) their concept of health, and their relation to illness-behaviour, lifestyle which results from these – so that we can effectively intervene in these – often hidden– processes.

From this aspect the role of the lifestyle coach and the therapist may be outstanding in the future. The biggest workforce uptake market where the therapist may carry out tasks are the health institutions, the insurance companies, the foundations targeting health protection and health development  or the field of domestic health tourism, health foreign tourism and wellness which have  dynamically developed during the last decade.

Those companies which recognize the importance of the healthy employees, may also employ lifecoaches – and these professionals may get an important role in elementary and high school health development and adult education as well.

Who is lifestyle coaching recommended for?
Among others for those who:

  • – have problems,
  • – are unsatisfied,
  • – are looking for something,
  • – are insecure,
  • – have recognized the neccessity of change,
  • – don’t have enough (own) strength,
  • – are interested,
  • – want to secure themselves/their loved ones/their employees,
  • – are responsible and interested parents,



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