Why is this good for you?

  • because you are treated by independent professionals at all times,
  • because you receive the appropriate treatment in each case,  
  • because such already existing problems can be discovered which can in this manner be de activated before they turn into illnesses
  • because this way you can take care of your loved ones/family
  • because during the pre-booked appointment we only deal with you,
  • because you can spend time with your loved ones healthily and filled with energy,
  • because following the shared consultations you look at your work from a different angle at the offiice,
  • because you can live a higher quality life after the necessary consultations and corrections,
  • because you give yourself the chance to lhave a go at your favourite hobby/sport again,
  • you can also pay via the sub-account of your SZEP card,


From Monday to Friday between

9-17 hrs

Phone: (+36)70/289-29-13

Tamás Szabolcsi

If we are unreachable or do not pick up the phone, try again!