Ayurveda: The science of life

Even the world-view of a lot of people is not healthy, because they are simply  unable to believe that everything is connected with everything, what’s more, in a certain sense it is one and undividable.

This type of thinking (also) projects itself on the life of the given person, his circumstances, his relationships, quality of life and health. Through his dysharmonic thoughts he builds a dysharmonic world for himself and around himself.




Do You Know Such a Person?

Would you like to avoid unwittingly creating for yourself and/or others a path of life full of obstacles? 

If you had the possibility to live more consciously with regard to this area would you do something about it? Right here and now if need be? 

What is it that you would like to realize/ achieve with the help of this?

Are you ready for the mutual work?

You are welcome at the Ayurvedic Consultation of Harmony House!



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