Bioenergetics goes right back to the most ancient form of written history. In one way or another this healing method has always existed. The “logicals” and the “materialists” could themselves verify its existence.
Anyone is able to sense the warmth of the body of another human being or an animal’s, thus one senses the infra red domain of his/its bio-field. Academic medical science measures this spectrum by thermo or heat diagnostics, while alternative medicine measures this with the palm of the natural therapist. Besides its application in natural therapy, several branches of its application are known today. The most clear, most unambiguous form of energetic healing is called spiritual or mentalistic healing today.

We call a person bioenergetic healer if that person possesses the adequate specific training in ac-cordance with the pertaining healthcare laws. It is a very important fact and in most cases a simple and effective solution is to get rid of the damaging earth radiation or artificial radiation.
During bioenergetic or spiritual treatments we also carry out the general radiesthetic examaination.

Natural therapy knows several ways of bionergetically treating those in need thereof. The techniques of continents and nations may differ in appearance as well as imple-mentation. One thing is common in all of them: they are permeated by goodwill and the will to help. There are shared models which are used world-wide – such are the aura and the chakra system which we use too, these systems build up the fine energy bodies, and there is the meridian system which weaves itself throughout the whole body. Bionergists tell of various feelings in their hand: they may feel warmth, coldness, prick of the needle, vibrations, tingles, etc. The patients describe similar feelings in their body part which is under treatment. During treatment we touch upon the energy field and aura of the patient by hand. The various layers of the aura reflect the patient’s physical, emotional and mental status.

The illness which results in surplus energy causes a kind of protrusion or warmth in the aura, while the energy deficiency causes the aura to be thinner and colder, it can so happen that it can punc-ture. Bioenergetic treatment is carried out by us removing the “bad”, sick energy then in the appro-priate place or in the sick organ we refill the missing energy and we also correct the energy supply system. The treatment carried out by the energy emerging from the hand is the laying on of hand, of course we can also pass this on without touching.
This is more of a technical difference, it is more important by all means to mentally be on the wave-length and to adequately concentrate on the healing task, to be in adequate meditative state, and to help the healing process with meditation or prayer. We use the forces of the universe and nature, and we just pass on through the body the divine or cosmic energy. We can exert an effect on the patient from any distance. Energetic, mental and thought connection is established between the healer and the patient. There are no spatial or time constrictions between thoughts. Good thoughts as unimportant as they may seem always have the desired effect.

That the previously mentioned distance healing is not at all groundless, is underlined by the scien-tific research which showed how prayer sent from miles away helped the health status of AIDS pa-tients, respectively, the health status of those who were treated at the cardiac intensive care unit.Our body tells and stores everything about us. The body talks, we just have to take notice. The connection between the important signs of body type and person-ality are known, we apply these in both healing and diagnostics. Emotion and the world of thought exerts an important effect on health. It is also true, that a well-conditioned body adds to the devel-opment of personality. Every thought and emotion starts an energetic process in the aura, which has an effect on the physical working of the body. Naturally, life-style, nutrition and external factors add to these. As bioenergetists we take these effects into account at all times. We carry out the bio-energy treatments by keeping these principles in mind.



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