Dear Ladies,

You have all my respect, because for one salary you play more than one role: you are mothers, working women and wives at the same time. .
And into a 24 hour day you still have to or would have to squeeze in self-care, study, relaxation.… Is the situation familiar when you have no sufficient me-time, because everyone and everything else is more important to you? Have you ever felt lonely in your relationship?
Have you ever felt that you did not receive enough or worthy recognition?
Or have you felt that your self realization and development fails because of the above mentioned multiple roles? Or was it in the area of work or family that did not give you enough recognition and support?

It is no secret that all of the above leave a trace in your energy system and in your soul. A negative trace.
You too bring with you from home a family picture, a male and a female picture. For sure, you want a happy and harmonious life and this is justly so.
Are you ready do do something about it? What would that be, and at what price?
Have you heard about people who lost their way in trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations?

You may well already have a notion that the self-realization and develop-ment of these women may permanently (and even irreversibly) become damaged…
What’s more they can hand down this wrong formula through their own children! And then we haven’t even mentioned the fact that the change in the priority rankings can also include negative effects, in more sense than one.
If you want to change an embarrassing/negative situation then our personally tailored consultation may be of useful help to you as well.

The basis of this is a status assesment during which we explore which exactly are the areas that need to be addressed. This is followed by the personally tailored consultation, the amount of which depends on the given problem and your state of health.
During the appointment booked in advance, we only deal with you, that is to say, the process is unhindered. .
It is important to know that clothes are kept on at all times during the consultation.
The gentle treatments used by us- bioenergetics, life-style advice and therapy, NLP ayurvedic con-sultation-are each recognized specific healing areas on their own either alone or on modules built upon one another, and they can help you find your way back to yourself and allow you to live your own life again-WHOLLY healthily.

If you feel that my lines have touched a chord or if you think that I can be of help to you then let’s meet in person within the framework of an individual consultation.

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Tamás Szabolcsi
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